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And ,000 for bond/trust fund) Exemplary and high quality job performance of the accident You will be leaving the store front So i have been put opt in Hell and i had to reschedule, said launchpad director bill kalivas.

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She says she enjoys reading about her Abbot friends in the Bulletin. We have three living children and eleven grandchildren, and three great grand- children. My 'worthwhile' leisure goes chiefly to 'drive' work. Our one child, Abby, now 14, is a freshman at Mary Institute, old enough to wish she were at Abbot." Elizabeth Whittemore is Executive Direc- tor for the Girl Scouts of Oahu and Kauai, two of the islands of the Hawaiian group. Helen Leavitt Fisher and her husband are now living in Blooming Grove, New York. Married: Julia Wilhelmi Dodane to Major George Lindahl, U. The Athletic Association has charge of the picnic, but the Christian Association gives the party.

Tillson (Gwendolyn Bloomfield) Wellesley Hills, Mass. Dorris Krum Little has been working for over two years at the Sprague Electric Co. She is an inspector of electric capacitors and resistors going into war equipment. News of myself includes my marriage on September 20, 1893 to George Frary, a graduate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute. During the Christ- mas shopping I met Peg Potter Kensinger looking as sweet and pretty as ever." Marian Rugg Cay wood says, "There's nothing exciting about what I'm doing but I always look under our class notes for any news of the other girls so I can say 'Hello' 16 anyway. 1928 Class Fund Secretary: Miss Emily Sloper, 36 Russell St., New Britain, Conn. Abbot Christian Association Virginia Eason, 1947, President From year to year the A. We still appoint "old girls" to "new girls" and ask them to look after the "new girls" the first days of school and escort them to the "Old Girl-New Girl" picnic and party.

His essay was entitled "Dumbarton Oaks and World Security." Olive Mitchell Roberts writes that "the oldest of my four daughters has entered Cambridge Mt. She is the namesake of Barbara Loomer '24." 25 1925 Six members of our class were present at our 20th reunion luncheon at Mrs. Elaine Boutwell Von Weber, Susan Daniell Burgess, Gertrude Holbrook, Eunice Huntsman, Evelyn Mc Dougnll Hay and Barbara Nelson Twombley. Married: Jeannette Partridge to Sydney Packard Harrison. Ruth Rose is a laboratory technician at Station Hospital. Anna Bronson Root cannot be there for last week she fell and fractured her left hip. Miles (Anna Nettleton) , 4 Rock Ledge Drive, Stamford, Conn. Doremus Scudder (Mabel Bosher), 133 West Ninth St., Claremont, Cal. Scudder who has had "eight glorious months visiting friends in Hawaii," is now back home in Claremont. Polly Francis Loesch looked younger then ever recently, in spite of her lively twins." 1930 Class Fund Secretary: Mrs. War- wick (Mary Jane Owsley), 26 Ledgewood Rd., Bronxville, New York. The Saturday before Christmas vacation we gave the annual Christmas Party for the underprivileged children of Andover. officers delivered a basket of fruit and some Christmas dollars to the old folks at the Andover Infirmary. World Student Service Fund Barbara Turner, 1947, Secretary A. Today, the students on this continent are unique in that we are still in a position to help those who have been crippled as a result of the war.

Thanks to Helen Keating Ott for sending Elizabeth's address to the Alum- nae Office! Blair Perry, son of Ruth Kelley Perry won first prize in the contest sponsored by the League of Women Voters. I continue to hope that Hilda can take Angie and Sophia to our Sixtieth. Re- cently I flew down to New York for a reun- ion of Smith College Juniors in France, getting back just in time to lecture in Sever Hall, Harvard, for the University Extension Course on "Enrichment of Adult Life." I also write for the jobs and futures depart- ment in Mademoiselle magazine in addition to my regular work in the society depart- ment of the Boston Herald. I am chairman 17 of the Department of American Home and Division of Family Finance for the New Hampshire Federation of Women's Clubs." Born: To Mr. Married: Virginia Lawton Cheney to Lieut, (jg) Le Roy S. As usual, we received a lovely letter of thanks from Miss Elizabeth Watts, treasurer and executive director of Hindman. pack- ages, to send several during the summer vacation. The World Student Service Fund is an international organization of students whose purpose is to promote international bonds of friendship and to aid one another in times of hardship.

At the age of five years, Dweezil learned that his legal name was different, and he insisted on having his nickname become his legal name.

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