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The goal in this scenario is to have all announcements that are posted on any of the individual sites appear in the Announcements Web Part that you placed on the root site of the site collection.Download the code sample: Share Point 2010: Using Event Receivers, Example 1: Broadcast Announcements event receiver that copies any item that has been added to a list (based on the Announcements list template) to the Announcements list on the root site.

Summary: Event receivers in Microsoft Share Point Foundation 2010 enable your custom code to respond when specific actions occur on a Share Point object.

Practical examples in this article show you how to use events to enhance your Share Point applications.

Your event logic should be triggered on every announcement list that is on any site in the site collection (with the exception of the Announcements list of the root site).

In Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, create a project based on the Share Point 2010 Event Receiver project template. In the Share Point Customization Wizard, select the Announcements list as the event source and To cause the event to trigger on all sites in the site collection, the scope of the Feature must be changed to Site; this way, the functionality is enabled when we activate the Feature at the site collection rather than having to activate the Feature on every subsite.

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