Fear of intimacy among dating couples

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I hate certain ideas and I hate mediocrity (which means I hate myself sometimes).And indifference to your own need for attachment (for fear that you might be needy) is like poisoning yourself.

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That “push” is a resistance that comes across as your body being closed. Fear of abandonment is beautiful only when we make it okay to have that fear (AND all the emotions that come with it, because the fear is essentially fear of the emotions that we might have to open to feeling) it is not just a fear of being physically abandoned and left to die. We are born beautiful, but we cease to be beautiful because we become less of ourselves. And our body is the thing that resists life, which means it is obvious to the great, high value men (and people) in the world.

Don’t we remember, that people often think we’re the most beautiful when we’re surrendered?

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This resistance, although understandable (especially if you had the work I had done), was based on a lot of misinformation.

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