First rule of dating

by  |  08-Apr-2020 07:02

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Therefore, the absolute #1 rule of Ukrainian first dates is…

In the western world, it’s sometimes hard to get a girl to talk less.

Your friends know that you are an upstanding citizen, but a first impression by a stranger could lead to some wrong assumptions.

Smartphones can make your romantic life a little easier and a lot more fun. If you decide to show off the pics from a wild night on your Facebook page, remember that your potential dates might have access!

There are no guarantees that the duration of time spent holding out (or not holding out) has anything to do with it. In retrospect, he probably meant more of a club type scene than a bar. For one thing, you’ll rarely find me awake past midnight, and if I am it’s because I’m either traveling or puttering around at home — in my fuzzy socks, glass of wine in hand. If you’re not up for it, don’t change the way you are to do something you don’t want to do.

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