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I've spoken to a Solicitor and POF are responsible for these types of occurrences. Think about how they can make a profit from a " free" service..

I'm done with trying to find a life partner from dating sites. I'm gutted and disgusted and POF, you'll be receiving correspondence from my Lawyers. I was told by a woman that she was paid to chat online and by text messages with at least 2 aims. to keep you using the service so they ca,n "upgrade" you to a paying customer. Your profile, pics, credit card details( if your stupid enough to give it) Then try to delete your account. To delete your account you have to log in, but the moment you log in you re activate your account.?

It can be very degrading and it's not healthy. I've met guys on this site, who've turned out to be massive scammers.

I went over (in my cute new flats), brought him a nice bottle of wine and we actually made fresh pasta and dinner. Yada yada yada, next morning I had a bit of a hangover and we did a little yada-ing and he was very sweet and nice and gave me a toothbrush.

I went to use the bathroom, came into the bedroom and he was naked! Eh, oh well, being not in the best decision making place and I rolled with it. He basically said that he was sorry about the way he behaved and that he was scared and he thinks he is just going to “window shop” for a while. I sent him a pretty blunt email back telling him he wasted my time.

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