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Instead, he just wanted to see if he still had the moves.Our lovable Liverpudlian and star judge on The Great British Bakeoff was reportedly looking for someone to fill the void of Mary Berry after she decided to stay with the BBC when the hit show moved to Channel 4.The series returns this month with a whole host of celebrities, including X Factor drug mule Frankie Cocozza, a few TOWIE stars they could grab with a net and Calum Best, because, television.

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These five names were apparently very eager to get stuck in and wanted to show a side to them that no one had seen before.

Below are the following five stars that were ready to participate but got rejected due to their agendas for appearing on the show.

I will admit that after a few episodes I did get quite into the celebs’ dating storylines; Who kissed whom on their first date? Having said that, the programme is pretty dragged out for what it is; not much actually happens.

Perhaps just a few episodes per celebrity would work better so there would be new excitement each week.

Following recent information, we don't actually think you're single." Bear hit back by saying "It doesn’t mean we’re s***ging", before insisting that actually, he's "110% single" after all.

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