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more»Mar 10, 2017Comments: 0Views: 3,522Nomulus is the code for the backend domain name registry solution offered by Google which requires the use of Google Cloud.

The question also comes more from representatives of certain Trademarks who want to acquire a . more»Mar 29, 2017Comments: 0Views: 4,073We all remember the nightmare of following the multiple versions of the "AGB" from the ICANN new g TLD program, and the time it took to get to the final version, which then took to allowing applicants to submit their new g TLD application, and which then took them to wait for their application to proceed...

Welcome to version 0.5 of the next Applicant Guidebook.

It was well-intentioned, codifying rules that mandate states monitor and track sex offenders by having them publicly register their addresses.

Parents, guardians, caregivers, and anyone else can access those records online, or by contacting their local sheriff's department, to see where released sex offenders are living in their neighborhoods.

Though the term “sex offender” itself seems to reflexively imply child rapist, a broadening number of so-called victimless crimes are forcing people onto the rolls.

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