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don’t even get me started on how many girls the boys dated at once. that Irooni boys texted hoping that I’d live up to my “American ways.” I never really knew much about the reputation of American girls in Iran. but didn’t really understand why others would think otherwise. My cousins and I would date at least two boys at once… " As it turned out, all the messages were streaming in from Iran. In the Islamic republic, the most innocuous forms of courtships are prohibited.

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It only took a few incidents of a guy getting too handsy and frustrated when I realized that American girls are infamous in Iran…

My first long-term relationship was with an Iranian woman I met shortly after arriving for duty in Tehran as a draftee in the U. The women who called the bachelor quarters were breaking strong taboos, but these were not loose women.

I didn’t dare call her and assumed that these times were chosen according to when she could safely sneak out of the house to meet me. I had never met this fellow, but Fari and her cousin told her relatives that he and I were close Army buddies and that he wanted me at his wedding. Embassy and had at the ready some stock phrases to use on her family.

At the turn of the 21st century, I noticed a flood of messages from Iranian strangers each time I logged on to my instant messenger service. Authorities patrol the streets, detaining couples in public, ordering them to show proof of an Islamically sanctioned relationship.

At the height of his infatuation, he conjured up a preadolescent fantasy that he shared with his classmate.

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