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Turning Point is responsible for the education and awareness to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted and blood borne infections (STBBIs) in Central Alberta.

Anyone can come into our office anytime to talk to one of our staff about how to prevent HIV or any other related topics.

After communicating for some time the victim attempted to block the suspect from communications, however, the suspect continued to access the victim’s network site.” “In November the suspect, under a false pretense, convinced the victim to meet in person at a location in Lacombe,” said Acting Chief Lorne Blumhagen.

“The victim did attend the location where he was approached by a male wearing a hoodie who put a cellphone in his face and advised the victim he is being recorded and has been busted by Creep Catchers.

6 on statutory release, which is mandated by law for offenders at the two-thirds mark of their sentence.

Bissonnette, 60, was charged in 2011 after contacting the victims via online dating sites.

The reindeer, meanwhile, need to stay on the move to find food, and travel between high and low ground depending on the season. "The deer is a totem and each person in the tribe is connected to one spirit deer which protects that person, absorbing all disease," says Sardar.

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