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Maguire and Sa'Diyya Shaikh (Editors), Pilgrim Press, 2007, 248 pages. Gudorf, pages 27-28: "Across the world religions, feminists are clear that the dignity and welfare of women within religions and within their larger communities requires the development of women clergy, judges, and religious scholars.

Religion should be more than simply a source of comfort for women resisting degradation and violence aimed at them; it should be, and could be, a support for women liberating themselves from all kinds of violence against women [...] But in order for religion to be a source of liberation, it must develop the ability to critically examine its history and development and the impact that it has had on the lives of girls and women." "Thus, when we consider violence against women, we cannot ground the category "women" securely in biology, and can wonder if perhaps this very category is a patriarchal construct, an act of violence parallel to that perpetuated on gay, lesbian, transgender, transsexual, and sexually ambiguous persons, that imposes narrow, degrading, and subordinate definitions of the majority of humans in the interests of a small elite.

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Catherine of Siena Virtual College - Fall Term, New Courses The promotion of gender equality in religion is a slow and painful process, and it is barely beginning to unfold worldwide.

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