Good country dating songs

by  |  01-Nov-2019 03:59

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But George Jones as far as I'm concerned has the number 1 and 2 greatest country songs of all time bar none. If you listen to the music of Cash and maybe Kris Kristofferson and compare it with Hank Williams or George Jones, there is a noticeable difference. I play guitar at a restaurant near where I live every Friday night.

There can only be 1 number 1, and there is only 1 George Jones! I live back in the woods you see, my woman and the kids and the dogs and me...

They need a man who can keep them warm at night and treat them right.

Looks, money and fancy cars don’t impress country girls.

Taylor Swift is not even in the same universe as the other's on this list. I like her as much as the next guy but even SHE admitted that she isn't country. This song should be number one it is the most iconic country song that has ever been written This is undoubtedly the Best Country song in every sense of the term!

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