Grad student dating site

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The seminar introduced students to methods of dendrochronology and architectural history.“The church has extraordinary wall paintings and a complex architectural history from the 12th-16th centuries AD,” Manning said.“Students discovered that mundane things like the bottoms of worn-looking doors and the ends of wood beams high up in walls turned out to preserve key historical information,” Manning said.

Perhaps it’s because so many students now commute, or are too focused on schoolwork, or are constantly plugged into their i Phones. The new dating site ( created by computer science students Andrew Danks and Lori Lee, works just like other dating sites – you have a profile, a picture, likes and dislikes – but with one important difference: all users have registered U of T email addresses.

“Slushie” – the screen name of a third-year international student – joined [email protected] T a few months ago.

If your memories of dating at U of T include scoring a night out with that handsome stranger in the Burwash lunch line, or meeting a new gal each week at Con Hall, then you’re one of the lucky few who found dating easy – or you attended university a long time ago.

Today’s students typically complain that it’s tough to meet anyone at U of T, much less date them.

Undergraduate and graduate students from Cornell worked with collaborators in Cyprus to apply tree-ring dating to clarify the ages of parts of the church of the Holy Cross at Palendri, a 12th century AD cultural heritage monument in Cyprus.

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