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So the government made written parental permission a legal requirement for young couples, with the Marriage Act of 1753 (full title: An Act for the Better Preventing of Clandestine Marriage).

Under this act non-royal English citizens under 21 couldn’t get married without signed permission from their parents, and had to publicly announce the marriage in their town so others could object if need be.

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So our temporary housing in Winnipeg is being backed up.

The reception centre in Gretna is hoped to add capacity and help us improve flow," said Ryan.

"There are two pieces to the equation: capacity and flow.

And right now there is flow coming, the number of people coming in, is happening at a faster rate than people being housed permanently.

Scotland, on the other hand, had very different laws: girls over 12 and boys over 14 could get married by “declaration,” meaning they only had to announce vows in front of witnesses. Scottish law allowed any citizen to perform a marriage, and anyone else present to bear witness.

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