Hemsworth dating

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The now-26-year-old chatted with an Australian News Corp about his new film, , and didn't hold back when it came to defending his decision to get engaged at a young age.

Asked whether it was an "impetuous" act, Liam responded firmly, "I don't think that was impulsive.

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Though neither of them have confirmed or denied anything, their actions say it all.

Miley even posted a photo earlier this week wearing a shirt with "Hemsworth" printed across the back.

actor on June 19, sharing a fresh-faced Instagram selfie that featured a mirror reflecting the back of her jersey…which says “Hemsworth” in all caps.

Though she didn’t provide a caption, she didn’t have to; the photo’s comment section is peppered with hundreds of heart-eye emojis in support of the two making another go of it.

The two kept it casual for the meal with Hemsworth's parents, but Cyrus added a little glam to her outfit by wearing her gorgeous engagement ring.

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