Herpes couples dating

by  |  12-Dec-2019 10:20

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That said, you probably still don't want to catch it.

"If you are sleeping with someone who has genital herpes but has been in remission for years, the chances that you will catch it are still not zero," says Dr.

Been taking daily suppressive therapy ever since, exercise, and I take my vitamins…

that is what works for me, and I actually feel pretty healthy these days. for me anyways, and he will admit that he was a little concerned as well (even though he said he was cool with it and this was something he wanted), but I mean come on…

went through the whole “life is over”, “why me”, “things like this doesn’t happen to girls like me”, and blah blah blah. I accepted it, I have mentally healed (although there are days where I still get bummed out), and I have controlled it.

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