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No other dating site works as hard to deliver you the exact right partners, and that means results: In our testing, we found the highest percentage of good matches with Ok Cupid, and the second-highest percentage of high-quality messages.

To unlock features like incognito mode, read receipts, and a larger inbox, you can upgrade to a paid plan for per month, but we think the free version is more than enough to get started.

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Other estimates show that three-quarters of those married in the 1990s would make it at least 15 years (compared with just 65% of those married in the 1980s).

And if that current trend continues, the vast majority (about two-thirds) of marriages will never divorce.

Why would the percentage of men on a dating site matter?

Well, if you’re male and heterosexual, you might want to steer clear.

If you’re female and heterosexual, these dating sites are gold mines – some in excess of 70% or more guys only.

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