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by  |  25-Sep-2019 17:08

BBC Radio 1 has been criticised by watchdogs after broadcasting fake adverts for sex chatlines.

The promotional ads for "dirty hot babes" offered listeners the chance to take part in a "two-hour live sex marathon", accompanied by a phone number to call. Tell us your reaction in our reader comments below In reality they were trailers for Radio 1's advice programme, Sunday Surgery.

When police later confronted Atchley about her story, she admitted to having consensual sex with the man and woman after meeting them on the chat line and directing them to her hotel room.

A Davidson County grand jury indicted a woman last week for filing a false report after they found she lied about being raped in her hotel room.

According to the arrest warrant, Melisa Anne Atchley, 33, later admitted lying to a Metro sex crimes detective after she told police in November that an unknown male and female forced their way into her room at the Hamilton Inn at 837 Briley Pkwy.

Police arrested Atchley in November and she bonded out on $10,000 that same day.

Atchley’s arraignment is set for Wednesday, May 26. Police need to find out if she had talked to attorney prior to reporting this fake incident.

The ads were aimed at nine to 14-year-olds but many younger listeners would have heard them.

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