diya mirza dating actor - How soon after breaking up to start dating

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She said at the time: 'We had a beautiful love story that I will treasure forever.

Unfortunately, it was not strong enough to withstand the circumstances that came our way.'Chronic, long-term illness is extremely challenging.

She added: 'I'm still in treatment and living a very conscientious life.

As you know, there is no cure for Lyme disease.'You know, I'm in remission and I'd like to stay there until I find a cure.'Yolanda filed for divorce in January 2016, after they married in 2011, and admitted her Lyme disease diagnosis put a strain on her relationship with the Canadian musician.

Mourning the loss of the relationship for a time is perfectly natural.

It is a time to come to terms with your loss so that you can move on to a brighter day.

The good news it’s NOT impossible to get your ex-boyfriend back… I’d like to ask you a few questions, and as I ask them try to answer them with an The very LAST thing you want is for things to be over – perhaps you even imagined yourself spending the rest of your life with him – but it seems like now there’s nothing you can do.

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