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The goal is to catch someone's curiosity, but not just any someone. If anyone ever tells you that they don't have sales ability and they could never sell anything, then they are either lying, or are the most down trodden and subservient person in the whole world. Well, consider this; have you ever persuaded someone to your point of view?

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Personal ads is more than just putting your profile in print or online, it’s actually about advertising yourself.

Creating a great ad means persuading others to check you out more about your strengths and attributes.

Writing a Great Personal Ad or Profile (Part 1 of 2) Whether you are writing a personal ad to be published in a newspaper or creating a profile to be posted online, you are creating a marketing tool. Creating a great ad means persuading others to "buy into" your beliefs about yours strengths and attributes.

Attract Women With Your Online Personal Ad February 1, 2006 This article is brought to you in part by Weekly It's no longer a secret; online dating websites offer the easiest and quickest way for single guys to meet women.

Have you ever gone to a job interview and got the job?

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