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, James said: 'At an awards ceremony in Dubai last year, a bloke on the stage dropped dead, eight feet away from me.'He was my age, and had a similar job.'At that moment, I decided my career had to change.'He added: 'I had just two days off last year and my schedule was getting tough.'Shaken up by the events, the culinary whizz has since made huge steps in his career, but up until now his love life has taken a bit of a back seat.Rumour has it that the chef has a new love in his life, but won't reveal her identity.

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In the past he's been seen publicly with a few leading ladies, including FHM model Claire Goose and American film producer Barbara Broccoli, who he split with in 2005. Although James has given up presenting Saturday Kitchen, fans can still get their fix by tuning into This Morning on Fridays where he will stand alongside Anita Rani as guest presenter on the talk show.

Most recently he was dating TV producer Louise Davies, but after his split with Barbara, the chef has been reluctant to comment on any love interests.

We have a rather large recipe index of foods you might like to make. But I held off for six weeks from writing about him on this site. I knew that once I began writing about him here, everything would change. You won’t feel that way once you make duck confit with Umbrian lentils, seared shrimp with Marcona almond sauce, and the blue cheese cheesecake with a fig crust.

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