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Anime is from Japan and from the Anime you can learn a lot of japanese and some japanese culture too! You don't need to learn japanese to watch anime or read manga because it use to be a english verion of it too. You will find out which Anime guy that fits you the best!

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results , hetalia dance, dance, hetalia slow dance, hetalia prom date ,. hetalia boyfriend , hetalia lover, hetalia love quiz summer, hetalia dating , hetalia love, hetalia romance, romance, pool, pool . ] 28 02 - Hola~ I'm Rosa, and this is my first quiz ~ I hope you'll like it! thanks for taking this quiz ~ and please respect my work, it took me a long time for. Browse through hetalia boyfriend quizzes ; or create your own. Results are: Italy, Romano, Germany, Japan and Prussia. Browse through hetalia life quizzes ; or create your own. boyfriend /husband, best friend, enemies, allies, house, long story of your life etc.

Browse through hetalia boyfriend quizzes , stories, and other creations; or create your own. Browse through hetalia dating quizzes ; or create your own. [ interactive quiz , long results ] もっと強く May 14, . 9 06 - Results include Spain, Italy, England, Germany :) Enjoy! rp quiz , hetalia otome game, hetalia love quiz , hetalia boyfriend , hetali. First Quiz it might suck but please hope i make this add on google X) By two Hetalia characters.

He may not always like it, and he might try to analyze the nature of your existence, but he'll always do EXACTLY what you order, and he'll go to the end of the world for you. While at times he can be cold and hostile, deep down inside he a caring person who will protect those he's close to.

He might have a hard shell, but if you manage to break through, he'll be the vampire of your dreams.

If it's not, well try to type sub after the name of the anime and see a version with subtitels ^^ Do you love ANIME!!?

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