Is carol vorderman dating eddie izzard

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The Ziggy thing is because he's got dreads, a lot of women like that.

Though, funnily enough, even though Damian's are down to his ankles, they're not something I find attractive. I hope not, or I'm just going to look even more daft...

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Cruise, 53, was joined at tonight's screening at the BMI Imax in Waterloo, London, by co-stars Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson and Hermione Corfield.

Cruise attributed the gruelling stunt scenes - many of them filmed on the streets of London - to years of practice.

She had no such luck, drawing a Z to complete the word SLUTZ.

There's an astounding level of detail in the animation of this sequel to Pixar's iffy 2006 hit Cars.

Or hipsters like Lorraine Kelly and Adrian Chiles making headlines by hanging out at Chequers with Cherie; where are they now? And those that remain are uncharacteristically silent.

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