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SM Entertainment will not make any comments regarding the photo of IU with Eunhyuk that has sparked a scandal.

"We don't have anything in particular to say," the company told Star Today when they tried to get a statement from the company regarding the photo.

Even if she didn't want to reveal that she was dating Eunhyuk, she could've apologized for disturbing him and say it was a misunderstanding ㅋㅋ I like IU but Eunhyuk incident gives me goosebumps. [ 88, -2] IU went on Hwashin and said Eunhyuk called her to ask if she was OK.

As I'm stanning Eunhyuk, one thing I realized was that Eunhyuk is such a saint and it's being used by others.

"We've been dating for about 2 years and we met on a radio show," IU said.

Is iu and eunhyuk dating

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