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I am very upset because they did not have a car when I arrived, and when I had previously tried to contact them because my flight was delayed no one picked up.

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Luckily, Rosalina is there to help him through it all. Suddenly a teenage boy stepped out in front of her wearing old, worn clothes. ""Excuse me," She said, trying to step around the boy."Don't you know that it's not polite to walk away from someone when their talkin'?

" He said, grabbing her forearm."Let me go," She said firmly, trying to pull her arm away from the boy."C'mon, live a little.""Let me go," Rosalina said loudly, pulling on her arm harder."Why don't you try havin' some fun? ""Uncle Miles threatened to stop giving us money to help pay the bills.""But why? "They ordered a pizza and were watching TV when the doorbell rang. He opened the door to see the band's former bassist Kristina standing there. I stopped by her house but her dad says she went out and I thought she might come here.""Yeah, she's here. ""No, I can't, my mom's waiting for me downstairs but I needed to talk to her for a few minutes.""Hold on," Nat turned away from the door. " Kristina asked with a grin on her face."It's a really long's annoying.

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"Get behind me, Rosie."She had no problem with following orders and backed away from the boy and behind Nat."Don't let me see you touch her again, or it'll be worse next time," Nat said harshly, and grabbed Rosalina's arm and pulled her around the boy who was still lying on the ground. He looked and acted pretty tough, but he could be gentle when he had to."My dad brought home another woman because they've been dating for a few months and it's gotten 'serious'.""What's wrong with that? "Oh hey, Rosalina.""Hey Alex," She said, smiling at the younger Wolff brother.

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