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Since we're talking superheroes here, how many non-white superheroes are there? So if you're a straight person, it can be difficult to notice that there is a severe lack of gay characters. Of course, the last thing I want is a gay character or couple shoe-horned into a comic or tv-show just to include a gay character or couple, but I do want someone like that to step out in a more natural way. There is already the sexual tension, and they are confirmed bi.

Merriam-Webster defines exceptional as “unusually good; outstanding.” In that sense, we would like to pose the following question to our readers: Which part of this definition describes Yale?

It doesn’t count if you just take “unusual,” or sometimes, “standing.”After all, we Harvardians have long known that we are simply too good to date the majority of the people on earth and could hardly contain our initial excitement at the thought that there was finally a website to address our needs.

Even at their origins on the animated series where Harley was invented, Harley/Joker was pretty obviously abusive in contrast to Harley/Ivy's peaceful but implied relationship (it has been a while since I've watched it).

Long story short, for me, it's about how often this gets shown off.

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