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X-Men Deep Cut : Wendigo, a Canadian demon that possesses cannibals, appears as a level boss.

He was the foe in Incredible Hulk #181, Wolverine’s first appearance.

The platonic ideal of an X-Men game would take after a Japanese dating sim, where you play a new mutant forced to romance as many of your favorites as possible while deducing who the X-Traitor is, losing only if you seduce your child from the future or an evil shapeshifter. Until that day, we cope with what has been provided.

Here are eight memorable X-Games, the good and bad, with special attention paid to the deepest cuts they pulled from the X-Men’s labyrinthine history. X-Men Arcade Konami, 1992 Arcade-goers of a certain age crammed countless quarters into Konami’s line of beat-em-ups, but X-Men was the first and only game with a doublewide cabinet to accept payment from six marks at once.

But in the case of Xbox One, Japan has been pretty bare.

There was Final Fantasy XV, but other popular franchises like the Tales series, Persona, Dragon Quest, Ni No Kuni, Monster Hunter, Ys, and hundreds of more niche type games, are absent.

It’s relatively simple to put other iconic heroes’ core mechanics into a game: Hulk needs to smash, Superman needs to fly, Spider-Man needs to websling.

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