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But Scott Pinsker, branding and crisis communications expert, explained that while Harvey’s public persona might be in some trouble, it is still salvageable.

“Steve Harvey will survive his ill-advised Asian joke.

She was used by both the Clinton and Bush administrations, was the VP of communications for NBC and even had a show on ABC based around her life. 1 “fixer,” is working for a relative no-name in the scandal and not not the big dog, Petraeus.

Smith, who has a BA in Public Relations from Boston University and a law degree from Washington College of Law, is hands down the biggest crisis management consultant in the nation. While it is unclear whether Allen and Kelley had a sexual realtionship, an FBI official has revealed that the emails were “Flirtatious” in nature. She is Just Dealing with Kelley and Not Petraeus It’s interesting that Judy Smith, the world’s No.

' Well as any good crisis manager would have it, I had to quickly call President Bush to help frame the message, to help form the narrative, before he heard it from anybody else." She called his office, and when he called her back, she was unable to take his call. " ' I'm going to confirm the affair.' I said, ' What affair? ' I have young people working in my office now. ' " Scandal had its fourth-season premiere Thursday night.

Judy smith dating

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