Keanu reeves sandra bullock dating

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The story is absorbing and interesting, and although its a time-travel fantasy, it's logical within it's basic premise.

Don't listen to the people who claim bad acting.

The acting is fine and the chemistry between the leads is very real.

When they connect in all the right places at all the wrong times, heaven weeps for broken hearts. This is a touching, well-acted, and beautiful looking film.

Sandra Bullock and Keannu Reeves have great chemistry together and the supporting actors are very competent.

Depressed housewife learns her husband was killed in a car accident the day previously, awakens the next morning to find him alive and well at home, and then awakens the next day after to a world in which he is still dead.

When two people "connect" the bond between them can be so pure and simple as to stir hearts in heaven.

"Sandra, your heart, your soul, your light, your talent that you share with all of us is amazing and wonderful and extraordinary," the 49-year-old actor gushed.

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