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There are hundreds of free guitar lessons here and it's taken a lot of work over nearly 15 years for me to create it all.

It's important to me to help everyone that wants to learn to play the guitar, not just those with money for tuition, so I run it on an "honour system" and I rely on the honesty of users like your good self to make a donation if they can afford to.

We met up with Pardi after an acoustic performance in Nashville to talk about the new album, which he recorded live with a seven-man band. But I don’t have any problems with any other artist coming in and doing their own thing.

He also told us some funny stories from the road and let us in on a few skeletons from his musical past. He's one of the most classic-country-leaning artists on contemporary radio. Like Sam or Florida Georgia Line — they're just doing their own thing. Song" — a foot-stompin', honky-tonkin' look at a "regular guy with a D. I." "It went over great live — it's fun and catchy," Pardi recalls, admitting a bit of guilt over crafting a rowdy tune with such a serious topic. He's just 31 years old, but Pardi insists he's already done a lot of growing up when it comes to liquid temptations on the road.

"It may never see a bullet in a Billboard magazine, but then I've never been the kind to go out chasin' smokin' guns," he sings atop a pedal steel and drums-driven melody made for two-stepping. Pardi wants to be played on country radio just as much as any Luke, Blake or Jason, and he delivers high-energy country with just enough rock & roll to fit in. " exclaims Pardi, ruminating on country music's wide-open sonic doors.

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