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and giving voice to the dark, hateful side of "took ur jerbs! He won the most number of votes for (and against) him in Republican primary history, demolishing the previous record held by George W.

If you don't want to torture Muslims, then you must hate your country.

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“It’s an absolute unknown to us, even though Shaun and I took in a little Western League action last season, just to try and gauge the way managers set up their teams and the systems they deploy.

“But of course nothing compares to actually being involved in a full-blooded game; it’s the only way you truly learn what you’re up against.

In turn, Trump actually appears to have secured the conspiracy theorist vote, Trump's tendency towards using the hyper-superlative, combined with his severe disconnect from truth, give him one true superlative: he is an unsurpassed bullshit artist, which makes him an exceedingly difficult candidate for winning even a seemingly trivial libel lawsuit about his alleged net worth. That's the kind of worldview which abuses patriotism to justify xenophobia, consistently reasoning from false dilemma; if you're not working against other countries, then you're working against ours.

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