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Then to be told that I was to be a part of this whole phenomenon? My sister and I jumped around yelling in the kitchen... - what is it about those types of films that you love?

KP: Performances are always more interesting to me when something is at stake.

It's a let-down, but it obviously means that the show is doing well, which is a real silver lining.

Maybe something can be worked out, but it doesn't look too hopeful right now.

You've definitely seen Kirsten before in TV shows like quite literally the hugest teen film phenomenon? KP: I'm really curious to see how the birth scene will be translated to film. CG: What would we be most surprised to learn about Jackson? His training and passion for music is so admirable, he's very dedicated to his art.

Kirsten Prout: When I got the sides for the audition, it was like holding classified CIA documents in my hands. Also, Bella's transformation should be pretty interesting, I'm excited to see how Kristen will play it. He's also very close to his parents which was wonderful to see.

The past two films I have done have been the ultimate challenges - dealing with survival.

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