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Although it's remotely possible for mold to develop on a scalp when hair is damp and not allowed to dry properly, it is not common. So it could even potentially grow on hair, although again, very unlikely except in The most likely way that hair can get moldy is if mold is already growing indoors in your environment and your hair comes in contact with other moldy substances like a towel, bed linens or similar surfaces.In the midst of uproar on social media, the advert was pulled just hours after its debut with Pepsi apologising for "missing the mark".

Drake Bell is an American actor, singer-songwriter, voice actor, and instrumentalist.

He has received a number of Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards for his role in The Amanda Show and Drake & Josh. He is also known for the voice of Peter Parker in the animated series Ultimate Spider-Man.

Director Spike Lee has expressed his outrage over the "horrible" Pepsi advert starring model Kendall Jenner, which was pulled in April.

Jenner, 21, came under fire for her involvement with Pepsi's latest promotional campaign, which featured the runway star settling a Black Lives Matter-style protest by offering a police officer a can of the soft drink.

Also, sometimes hair may take on a mold or mildew aroma when it is not necessarily infected with either. Although spores are not visible to the naked eye, they float through the air - both indoors and outdoors.

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