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I had a hard time envisioning a life after that point because I was so rarely given a glimpse of what it looked like.Abigail “Abby” Williams, 13, and Liberty “Libby” German, 14, were found dead Tuesday afternoon along Deer Creek, near their hometown of Delphi, a day after they were reported missing.

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The man with the bat then got back into his vehicle. He was last seen driving northbound on Strachan Avenue.

Police have released a photograph of the man with the baseball bat.

In the third post, author Caroline Heldman gives advice about how “girls and women can navigate a culture that treats them like sex objects.” The first suggestion is “stop seeking male attention” (full excerpt below) and that directly relates to street harassment and one of its complexities.

From a young age, women of all sexual orientations have been taught that there is no higher compliment than male attention and being desired by men, and as a result, some women feel flattered by street harassment, even if they also feel upset, scared or annoyed by it too.

In the Florida Keys, a routine traffic stop led police to discover something deeply disturbing: Two men had captured and hogtied three endangered Key deer.

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