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A 2013 study showed that an estimated 5% of married or committed couples in the US met their partner online, and that 11% of the adult online population claims to have used a dating site, in some form, at least once in their lifetime (Ranzini 81).

The increasingly popular preference for mobile dating applications over their dating website predecessors is indicative of their appealing functionality and mobility (Hobbs et al. The ways in which people communicate on mobile dating applications (MDAs) are limited by the design of the platform and the type of information it requires the user to offer.

As the Ok Cupid states, it's "math in the name of love."And that algorithm will soon become an avatar that mimics and mirrors you—all on its own.

Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 CPU: Pentium 4, Athlon XP 2.0 GHz, Intel® Core™ Duo 1.66 GHz or faster Memory:1 GB or more Graphics Card: ATI Radeon 9550, Nvidia Ge Force FX 5200, Mobile Intel® 945GM or better, Shader model 2.0 Hard Disk:3 GB or more of free HD space Internet connection speed: Cable or DSL (broadband) Mac: Twinity has been tested under Boot Camp and Parallels on various Mac systems and has worked without any particular problems.

Linux: Some Twinity members have attempted to run Twinity on Linux under Wine with various degrees of success.

Users responses to this kind of digital stimuli are important forms of self-representation (Nowak et al. I will examine to what extent toxic gender representations of masculinity and femininity might emerge from these cues of what it means to be desirable in a virtual space that might homogenize sexuality and desirability.

What is at stake is the potential promotion of toxic and inauthentic behaviors from users that is triggered by how the platform is designed.

"Even though it's a set narrative, people do fall in love with the backstory or the personality traits that these narratives emphasize," says Angeli Rafer, a blogger and gamer who plays RPGs with romantic subplots, such as .'" Anthropomorphism is, after all, a fairly standard psychological phenomenon: Human personalities and characteristics are readily projected onto pets and religious iconography and cartoon characters, so why an avatar?

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