Mrtg stops updating for previous one

by  |  26-Nov-2019 12:53

You can comment out these ports in the relevant config files by using a hash #.Please see the INSTALL file for complete and updated requirements.

mrtg stops updating for previous one-89mrtg stops updating for previous one-29

The last message in is: "Insecure dependency in exec while running with -T switch". This problem occurs when you try to run munin-node as the munin user. (Note that the munin master should run as munin, but munin-node as root).

This is a bug in recent versions of the Perl module Net:: Server, see A guide to server configuration is in the wiki page

MRTG Bundle version 2.1.0 provides the following features This MRTG Bundle will install everything to C:\MRTG.

Installation to any other directory will cause the installation scripts to fail.

MRTG Bundle provides a fully working implementation of MRTG, RRDTool, Router2.cgi, and an Apache Web server under Windows.

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