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Kemal Pamuk — whose death on Season 1 of "Downton Abbey" set a whole series of scandals into motion — shared things with Yahoo Movies that even his greatest fans have yet to learn.For instance, when was the last time James looked up an ex on Facebook?A micro-budget sociology experiment with zero aesthetic appeal, Love at First Kiss has neither the fairy-tale schmaltz of The Bachelor nor the kink factor of the naked shows. The gimmick: The show opens on an all-white room: THE KISS ROOM.

One of the Muslim women said to me, "I've never sat opposite a bikie before." That was amazing.' Assafiri says Australian Muslim women are still routinely harassed and abused in public.'Every time something happens overseas, even if it's 1000 miles away, we worry about the repercussions here,' says Sara, an Islamic school principal and one of the session volunteers.'I know women who have been spat on on trains and had their scarves pulled off.

I've had beer cans and eggs thrown at my car and have been rammed off a freeway.'I actually went and learnt Krav Maga in case I was attacked.'The 'speed-dating' sessions have attracted a mixed crowd so far.

After that, they can choose to go on a two-minute speed date on a more furnished area of the soundstage, or they can choose to rudely stand the other person up.

If the speed date goes well, the kissers can then choose to go on A REAL DATE, either to the beach, or to the park, or to a different park. The contestants: The women on the first episode all seem normal-ish, apart from the fact they think they might leave the show with a boyfriend and not an ugly flare-up of herpes 1.

11 writers will arrive at , and we have three coaches coming who will coach the writers on their presentations.

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