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Debit cards do not offer all the same consumer fraud protections as credit cards.They may incur overseas transaction or ATM service fees, and they require parental attention to keep adding funds.

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Choosing a website to use for your free private chat room can be a daunting task since there are so many available options.

Don't sign up for any website that requires credit card information or other personal information that can be used to steal your identity.

Pros: Adding your child as an authorized user should take a simple phone call, and the child will have her own card to use. "We've never felt comfortable handing them a card other than for one-time use," he says. Bank Account with ATM Card Pros: It may take an in-person visit to a bank to open up an account for a minor, but then you can link it to a parent's account to easily transfer funds.

You can usually get a separate accounting of their charges. The ATM card makes it easy to get cash while traveling and can be used as a credit card.

About five minutes later I was Skyping with 0x Omar, whose real name is Omar; a blustery teen who lives with his parents, likes Xbox, and really, really hates Israel.

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