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You Tuber who is a member of a promotional program for the game had to remove a critical video after developer Wargaming threatened a copyright strike against it. I don't know 'because how are we gonna make money if we don't force everybody to spend premium ammo and buy premium tanks and buy a fuck'n premium account,'" Sir Foch said. " "GG Wargaming and fuck you." On its website, Wargaming describes community contributors as players who "go the extra mile in order to help other players," and who give helpful advice on forums, create video guides and delivery interactive livestreams.

It's time for the next installment of "The Messaging Mess," an unintentional comedy series from Google.

After focusing on Allo as a consumer messaging platform, Google has taken to removing features from Hangouts.

About a decade ago, I was having a miserable time dating.

The age of electronica was firmly in place, and chat rooms, lengthy bios, and requested cock shots were making me ill, and the cost-benefit was low to say the least.

Interested parties can apply to test the app using the G Suite Early Adopter Program.

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