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I’ll happily buy you a house of your own and a car, just please love me! Don’t upgrade with us, and spend some time on both sites. Keep track of the money you spend to message Chinese girls who can’t seem to quite keep their story straight, who won’t provide any private contact details because it’s against the rules.

Tally up the charges to your credit card to chat by the minute to a woman who’s profile says she’s fluent in English, but who requires a translator to chat with you.

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So they confessed that they were ready to be tricked by scammers.

Dating fraud is nowadays one of the most disputable issue among others within dating business platform and that is why below we give you some simple tips how to defend yourself from dating scam and fraud if you signed up to Ukrainian or Russian dating site.

He sends me an image saying “Everybody deserves somebody who makes them look forward to tomorrow”.

That didn’t cut it with me so I sent another message telling him to be honest and tell me what he wants and no lies. I reply how can he say that after messaging me for a month as we don’t know anything about each other.

I don’t care about your looks, so long as you have a good heart.

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