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Read More » TWICE‘s Momo apparently spends her free time watching odd dance videos on You Tube, and she baited member Chaeyoung into participating in her shenanigans (as Jihyo cheered on and Jungyeon did … In true Gender Bender or Easy Sex Change situations, one rarely encounters a handsome man who becomes an unattractive woman.The tabloid magazine caught Ohno coming out from a hot stone spa in Tokyo on Friday night in early September, and he was with a beautiful lady who stands about 170 cm.

When they actually are genders, it becomes Everybody Wants the Hermaphrodite.

Contrary to stereotype, this can be Truth in Television.

‘A’ is currently inactive as an actress, and doing housework to support Ohno’s busy schedule,” an acquaintance told the magazine.

Of course, Ohno Satoshi is a 34-year-old man, so reasonable people would expect him to be dating somebody at some point, but Johnny’s fans are not reasonable people and a lot of them were mad as fuck.

Thus, in what I’m sure is a coincidence, a day or so after his relationship was published in FRIDAY, a person close to Ohno says Johnny’s Entertainment told Ohno to end the relationship, and he supposedly did so.

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