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She kept on walking and didn’t even have the grace to respond to me. […] Before I knew it, it was July 12th and the countdown on my internet homepage was up.The new Song of Ice and Fire book, A Dance with Dragons, was released.In effort to determine whether people living with psychosis are attracted to the drug, or if the drug itself is the cause of the disease, researchers conducted psychiatric interviews with Norwegian twins.

While Behringer has recently announced plans to clone everything synth-related, not everyone is enamored with the company’s cloning plans.

Behringer is cloning ‘Curtis chips’ – integrated circuits, designed by Doug Curtis of Curtis Electromusic Specialities, used in many classic vintage synths.

Curtis pioneered the use of custom integrated circuits for synthesis.

By developing complete VCO and VCF chips, Curtis streamlined the manufacturing of synthesizers, making them them more reliable and more affordable.

"However research has been divided over whether cannabis use was the cause of the psychotic disorders." The team says twins were chosen in the study in order rule out as many outside risk factors as possible.

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