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Texas House Bill 1897 was filed by State Representative, Jason Villalba, hoping to stiffen sentencing guidelines for perpetrators of this type of aggression and, this past Saturday, the Boston Red Sox held a domestic violence educational session for all Spring Training roster players in Fort Myers.Other teams, including the Oakland A’s, already have or will be hosting similar sessions as part of a Major League Baseball initiative.

Last year’s viral broadcast of Ray Rice and his then fiancée, Janay, unmasked the aggression that sorrowfully occurs behind closed doors.

The “epidemic” may or may not be growing; however, the ever-present security camera and the all-too-eager smart phone videographer have succeeded to bring this issue in front of us all.

It’s highly likely that Kony, with a small group of LRA, is currently hiding in Kafia Kingi, a Sudanese controlled ‘enclave’ bordering South Sudan and the Central African Republic. History of the war The LRA began as an evolution of ‘the Holy Spirit Movement’ - a rebellion against President Yoweri’s oppression of the north of Uganda, led by Alice Lakwena.

It’s a place which Kony has been able to return time and time again to take refuge, and from where he’s been able to continually direct his fighters to attack civilians in neighbouring countries; it is an area where African Union-led forces (assisted by U.

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