Optical dating wiki computer assisted quality control in tree ring dating and measurement

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Electron spin resonance dating was first introduced to the science community in 1975, when Motoji Ikeya dated a speleothem in Akiyoshi Cave, Japan.ESR dating measures the amount of unpaired electrons in crystalline structures that were previously exposed to natural radiation.

The fragments emitted by this fission process leave trails of damage (fossil tracks or ion tracks) in the crystal structure of the mineral that contains the uranium.

The process of track production is essentially the same by which swift heavy ions produce ion tracks.

Fission-track dating is a relatively simple method of radiometric dating that has made a significant impact on understanding the thermal history of continental crust, the timing of volcanic events, and the source and age of different archeological artifacts.

The method involves using the number of fission events produced from the spontaneous decay of uranium-238 in common accessory minerals to date the time of rock cooling below closure temperature.

A synchronoptic view can be used for many purposes but is best suited to the visual display of history.

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