Outlook global contacts not updating

by  |  03-Apr-2020 21:59

Users with POP3 or IMAP accounts who created accounts using their own email address, to sync just their calendar and contacts have noticed a problem after their account was migrated to the new server and opened in Outlook 2016: all replies use the account, not the account that downloaded the message.An administrator wanted to know if he could set up global safe and blocked lists for distribution to his users.

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The principle is the same, of course; however, with the nickname cache in the mailbox, the content now travels with the user.

When you recreate a user’s profile on another workstation, their nickname cache is unaffected.

I’m not sure what is going on, whether people are changing their rules accidently or Outlook/is doing it, but several people needed my help finding missing email and discovered their rules were messed up.

The complaint goes something like this: My email is not in my Inbox.

The export begins immediately unless you're creating a new Outlook Data File (.pst) or you're exporting is to an existing file that is password protected.

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