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The first benches are being installed in Boston and Cambridge, Mass., though the live data feed isn't up and running for them quite yet.

When it goes live, Web visitors to the Soofa site will be able to see how many people have used the bench for charging, the average number of daily visitors, the hours of solar charging provided, and information on the environment around it."We want to reactivate the city and create a new shared social experience," says Jutta Friedrichs, co-founder of Changing Environments. We envision Soofas acting as magnets that invite people to enjoy the outdoors while reading the news, sharing a video, or catching up on email without fear of running out of power." The company envisions a widespread network of Soofas that will encourage the tech crowd to spend more time outside while also keeping city dwellers better informed about their environment.

She creates worlds that are firmly realist and worlds that are fantastically far-fetched (New York Times)Gut-wrenching .

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