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Over the past twelve months, I’ve hosted Touchpoint more than 20 times, including special events in Mexico City, San Francisco, Miami (2x), and Montreal.1400 people have attended and 400 questions have been submitted. I hope this is helpful while you are on your own journey. Keeping this in mind as we navigate our lives and relationships is paramount to truly showing up for ourselves and others.

And I had never facilitated a conversation like that before. One woman shared a story about her boyfriend handcuffing her to a kitchen table and having the best sex of her life. I was inspired and decided to host Touchpoint every month moving forward. It appears that in some sense, many of us are looking for validation that we aren’t ‘weird’ or undeserving of love.

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So discovering Tantra through the Touchpoint community was life-changing for me.

Tantra redefined sex for me as a way to get as close as possible to another human being — and myself. How conscious can we get in this moment, in this position, in this inhale or exhale?

Above all else NWMR bas maintained the original ideas of customer satisfaction & quality workmanship being paramount and this is delivered by all members of staff.

The Grand Prix is available in six colours, including four types of wood: oak, beech, walnut and rosewood. It would look great in the kitchen or at the dining table.

NWMR is a company that takes the health & safety of all staff, clients & visitors very seriously and this is represented in the commitment to H&S training & procedures, NWMR is fully CHAS and CSCS accredited and undertakes regular training and company reviews to keep everyone as safe as possible.

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