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In a statement on the team website, Tinkoff-Saxo said: “The team has decided, in agreement with Roman, that he will not ride in any races including this year’s Tour de France until more information becomes available.” The biological passport tracks riders’ blood and urine values over time and if any abnormalities are detected, the UCI can request an explanation from the rider.

Kreuziger received a letter in June last year, saying anomalies had been detected in his passport, and he responded soon after, according to the Tinkoff-Saxo statement: “He offered the explanation, based on two medical expert opinions independently of each other, that the fluctuations in his blood passport profile were not abnormalities and did not indicate anti-doping violations, which was submitted to the UCI by 3 October 2013.” “Through our own medical staff and independent verification the team was satisfied that Roman’s blood profile had valid medical and scientific explanations other than the use of doping methods or substances.

In recent days, fighters said they had conducted sweeps through the capital and acted on informants' tips to carry out the targeted arrests of ex-regime members.

The arrests of confirmed Gaddafi loyalists, however, have been limited.

Even those without obvious links to the town have come to visit the exhibition and organisers say they have been delighted with the response to date.

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