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Through creative programming, Bumble shows how to take a digital brand into a physical space in a relevant, resonant way.

Others, like Bumble, which launched late 2014, are newcomers on the market.

And as for whether they're better routes for finding love and companionship, that is an open question.

Dating's hard enough when you're single -- but what about when you're a single parent? How long before you introduce him or her to your kids?

No doubt having a little one in tow can raise the stakes, but it can also raise a lot of tough questions. For answers to these and other burning questions about single-parent dating, turned to six single moms -- some of whom have already remarried -- for key advice to surviving in today's dating world, and for surviving single parenting in general!

) are involved when it comes to getting back in the dating game, it can get complicated fast.

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