Psychological effects of speed dating two months into dating

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Pair-bonded relationships and romantic alternatives: Toward an integration of evolutionary and relationship science perspectives.

Desirable but not smart: Preference for smarter romantic partners impairs women’s STEM outcomes. [Download Article]Vacharkulksemsuk, V., Reit, E., Khambatta, P., Eastwick, P.

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First impressions are based on a wide range of characteristics: age, race, culture, language, gender, physical appearance, accent, posture, voice, number of people present, and time allowed to process.

Not only are people quick to form first impressions, they are also fairly accurate when the target presents him or herself genuinely.

Later, they were invited to participate in one of three speed dating events. After each 3-minute date, participants completed a question card about the potential match.

The card included questions about physical attractiveness and personality, as well as a series of statements like “I would like this person for a one-night stand.” Participants rated the statements on a 7-point scale.

Imagine yourself in a speed-dating situation—five minutes to impress, or not, the person across the table from you.

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