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Touring can be one of the most exciting—and terrifying—times in a musician’s career.

Those who enjoy traveling and the feeling of playing in front of crowds can’t wait to hit the road, but that road is full of dangers and temptations.

She’s wearing black stockings with runs in them, a vintage dress that’s a size too small, and a pair of black clogs.

Her skin, which has been heavily Pan-Caked and powdered to cover an outbreak of acne, is pasty-white, and her lips are painted bright red. From the moment Courtney sits down at a table in City, a restaurant near her home in Los Angeles, the verbal pyrotechnics begin. With Courtney, it’s not so much scheming as it is focus.

She’s tall and big-boned and her shoulder-length hair is cut like a mop and dyed yellow-blond.

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